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Illusionism, aerial acrobatics, knife throwing

Steamproject is an outstanding, visionary and timeless show that takes you between the past and the future, between the charm of mechanical gears and electronic mode. It is a contemporary circus show that develops in a constant research of moment and space that unites the earth and the sky.

Two characters, who seem to be coming out from a never existed past, will show you, due  to a mysterious elixir, some inexplicable wonders of body and mind. An elegant illusionist and his magical flying assistant will create a performance that will leave the audience breathless, creating a mixed world of poetry and aerial acrobatics in the air, in a magic and suggestive scenery. A series of performances of suspense, magic and virtuosity will be alternated, leading the public into a dreamlike and surreal atmosphere. You will admire the sensational performance of transmigration of a body, and you will remain breathless for the dangerous performances with the knives. You will also be enchanted by the figures drawn on the circle and the aerial contortions. It is a performance that will leave you hanging in the ancestral desires of man: being able to fly and dominating time and space.

Combriccola dei Lillipuziani
Performed by: 
Matteo Giorgetti e Veronica Severini
Emanuele Tumolo
Show Time: 
50 minutes. (The show can be divided into brief interventions.)
Assembly Time: 
60 minutes
Disassembly Time: 
60 minutes
Stage Area: 
If self-supporting aerial structure is used, there is required a stage of 6x6 meters on the ground and a minimum height of 5 meters (unobstructed). Otherwise, alternative equipment already present on site can be evaluated.
Illusionism, aerial acrobatics, knife throwing.
Technical Requirements: 
The possibility of arriving near the stage with the vehicle for loading and unloading materials. Dressing room to be able to change, make up and leave personal effects. Power socket: at least 220 V near the venue. An amplification system is required or if necessary, the company can supply with own. If necessary, lighting must be charge by the organization.
If we couldn't use the acrobatic equipment, the show is also available with only illusionism performance. It is also possible to request single magic or acrobatic performance.