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Mulino di Amleto Teatro

Mulino di Amleto Teatro is a cultural association that manages a theater in Rimini with the same name. Its goal is to spread, to promote and to give opportunity to live and practice theater and art. A rich program of activities is offered in order to bring children, teenagers and adults closer to theater, living an art experience. Mulino di Amleto Theater in Rimini is a place dedicated to creativity. It’s open to different artistic expressions related to theater, dance, circus, figurative arts, literature, poetry and prose. The theater’s cultural association, in addition to the production of performances, also takes care of training, projects and theater workshops addressed to different kinds and grades of schools in the Romagna region. Workshops are offered, to adults in the evening and in the afternoon to children, together with the management of internships and training workshops for professional actors. A calendar of performances is scheduled in the theater, such as an annual review of poetry and prose, along with appointments dedicated to theater for children and families and many other special performances.

Doc servizi

Doc Servizi is a cooperative association to professionals in the world of entertainment and culture. The group offers professional management services, along with the promotion of creative and technical works, in a right balance between technology, innovation and efficiency. 
It's a network of professionals organized in a cooperative business mode.