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Show of Medieval Jesters


"Play balls is my job, but don't you think that i’m not a snob,

I am Gaelio, the beautiful and smart, i’m so vain that i like the smell of mi own fart

This is Lucrezio my second, the Burned, he is the ugliest jester in the world.

We are the gang of Lillipuzians, pilgrims comes from faraway places.

Ugly-looking but beautiful inside, we are fighting jesters to be on your side.

Let's go looking for some coins and girls all around the world,

joint us and enjoy, let’s see what you learned."

In a growing of comical and paradoxical situations Gaelio the headmaster and his assistant Lucretius, two irreverent jesters ramshackle and idlers, alternating moments of pure comedy in numbers of high technical difficulty of juggling and fakirs;Moreover they will show, among lazy snakes, fire and odd acrobatics, how difficult it is to earn their bread wandering through streets and districts.

Combriccola dei Lillipuziani
Performed by: 
Matteo Giorgetti, Emanuele Tumolo
Matteo Giorgetti, Emanuele Tumolo
Monica Rossi / Colomba Ferraris
The show is designed for 2 artists, entertainers, or by the addition of a third element specialized in fakirism (
Show Time: 
35-45 minutes. The show can also be divided into brief interventions or in small sketches of variable duration.
Assembly Time: 
20 Minutes
Disassembly Time: 
20 Minutes
Stage Area: 
Flatbed at least 4mX4m. The show can be performed both outdoors and indoors, either on stage and on the ground.
Technical Requirements: 
hook-current (220v), if necessary, the company has its own sound system. In the case of the evening hours in the dark, lighting shall be paid by the organization. It is essential to arrive by car at the place of representation for loading and unloading. Dressing room or room used as a dressing room where you can change and leave personal items.
the show is also available as itinerant animation.