Alessandro Paolini

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Born in March 1988; the midwife dislocated her shoulder in handing it to her mother.

He gave asylum to the nuns, where his playmates forced him to eat stones. It is after this episode that a profound hatred of mankind and love of fakirism begins to arise in him.

Growing up he goes to outline in him a certain resemblance with Fausto Papetti, it will be for this that his greatest passion will always be music, in fact he will learn to play various instruments.

During his high school years, he met Matteo in spite of himself and, fiddling with his pen, discovered that he could stick it in his nose: he gave birth to his first fakirism issue.

He has achieved classical secondary school twice, to be sure.

To make a living, he did everything: the cook, the garbage collector, the worker, the gravestone polisher and the educator in the summer centers; but the great talent that allowed him to become part of the Lilliputian Combriccola is only one: the adipose tissue.

Being fat and with a goatee, he was fine wearing a fakir costume, and lying on the nail table he didn't prick himself. Unfortunately he lost 20 kilos (and he is no longer able to hide the hatred he feels for the human race, especially for the theater audience), so his presence during the shows has been greatly reduced.

It is called mainly when the truck is to be loaded with heavy stuff.