ZUPPA DI FAVOLE, ovvero le favole al cubo.

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Storytelling, puppet theater

in a suburban theater, the machinists Pepè and Salé find themselves arranging a stage where in the center there is a "mysterious" cube.

while the two try to "tidy up" (clearly creating only disarray) a third character arrives, Mister Mou, that declaring to have taken the theater because his company could prepare a new show.

Mr Mou suddenly remained without actors and he will be forced to convince Pepè and Salé to become the new stars of his tales ... And, as if by magic, from that a mysterious cube will rise an imposing setting, able to transform itself from a marzipan house to a dizzy castle, giving life to a real fairytale soup! Dressed with handfuls of applause it will be a hot and delicious dish!

Mulino di Amleto Teatro/Combriccola dei Lillipuziani
Performed by: 
Marco Mussoni, Beppe Chirico & Matteo Giorgetti
Marco Mussoni
Marina Selva
Antonio Rinaldi
Emanuele Tumolo
3 (+1 technical)
Show Time: 
60 Minutes
Assembly Time: 
60 Minutes
Disassembly Time: 
60 Minutes
Stage Area: 
5m x 5m.
Storytelling, puppet theater.
Technical Requirements: 
It is essential to arrive by car at the place of representation for loading and unloading. Dressing room or room used as a dressing room where you can change and leave personal items. In structures designed for staging such as theaters, the following is required: sound system with mixers (at least 3 microphone channels and 2 stereo channels to connect PCs). The group, if necessary, is equipped with three radio microphone microphones. For the lights you need a placement, a front corridor and a side island. While for external or unconventional situations we can arrive equipped with everything needed.