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Culinary Comic Variety

The Combriccola dei Lillipuziani is proud to present CUOCHI DA INCUBO, the worst show cooking in history! A great "Master" of the culinary art arrives on the square, Loris Maria Artusi, direct grand-nephew of the great Pellegrino Artusi, from whom he says he has learned all the secrets and to know by heart "The art of eating well" the famous recipe manual late 800 written precisely by his ancestor. however thanks to the complicity and rivalry at the same time of his assistant "Federico Rana", an aspiring clumsy and bungling chef, a series of hilarious inconveniences will happen ... But without losing heart and finding absurd justifications, the two cooks will succeed in bringing to complete their goal: to execute the famous recipes and revolutionize the world of cooking, with the help of crockery, weird magic, sweet and sour juggling, and a pinch of fire.

Combriccola dei Lillipuziani
Performed by: 
Matteo Giorgetti & Emanuele Tumolo
Matteo Giorgetti & Emanuele Tumolo
Colomba Ferraris
Show Time: 
60 minuti
Assembly Time: 
60 minuti
Disassembly Time: 
60 minuti
Stage Area: 
Flat surface of at least 4mX4m. The show can be performed both outdoors and indoors, both on stage / on the ground.
Illusionism, Juggling
Technical Requirements: 
It is essential to arrive by car at the place of representation for loading and unloading. Dressing room to be able to change and leave personal effects. Connection current (220v) near the place intended for the stage. The company can be autonomous for the audio system, the lights if necessary must instead be charged to the organization.