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Slapstick and Magic Show

Ladies and gentemen it’s showtime!

A charming and romantic street artist will bring you to a universe of acrobatics and handiness, but the unexpected is always around the corner and "the law never sleeps" ...

Burst onto the square, two bizarre police in order to protect public order and tranquility triggering an uproar! The trio will create a crazy and roaring show with chases, fights, and fall over, pure slapstick-style! Do not miss the dexterities of the smart artist,who, in order to resist attempts to stop our "policemen", will use all the tricks of the trade and his talent as a juggler, manipulator and fugitive.

Exciting trip to the wonderful and witty world of Silent Movie i.e. the "Comics"


Italia in miniatura/ Combriccola dei Lillipuziani
Performed by: 
Matteo Giorgetti, Beppe Chirico, Emanuele Tumolo
Matteo Giorgetti, Beppe Chirico, Emanuele Tumolo
Sartoria Lady Camelot
3 + 1 audio engineer
Show Time: 
30 minutes short version, 45 minutes long version
Assembly Time: 
90 Minutes
Disassembly Time: 
90 Minutes
Stage Area: 
Surface shall be smooth and plain of at least 8 m X 6m.
Slapstick, clownerie, magic, juggling , escapology
Technical Requirements: 
Possibility to arrive at the show or in the vicinity of this with the machinary at least one hour before the performance for loading / unloading materials and their assembly. Dressing room to be able to change, make up and leave personal effects. Power socket: at least 220 V near the venue. The company can be autonomous  regarding to the audio system.
The show can be performed both outdoors and indoors, but should be checked the entry point of the vehicle. cage and machine measure : Length 4.5 meters Height 1.80 meters Overall width 1.90 meters. The show can also be represented without the machine only with the use of the cage which is removable and therefore presents no problems. The measures of the cage once installed are: Height 1.53 meters, 2 meters length and 1.87 meters width.