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The aerial acrobatics performances are suitable for every type public so they can done from the most elegant locations to the clubs, squares or social events.
The tools you can choose include: aerial silks, rope, hoop and hammock. Everyone of them create different, suggestive and fascinating paintings suspended in the air.
Musics and costumes can also give the kind you prefer for the performance which will be always characterized by grace and sinuosity.
We are looking forward to create a show for you!

Combriccola dei Lillipuziani
Performed by: 
Veronica Severini
Veronica Severini
Alessandra Casagrande
Show Time: 
From 5 to 20 minutes (available for short and replicable performances too
Assembly Time: 
It depends about the location. The aerial structure assemblament is 30 minutes
Disassembly Time: 
30 minutes
Stage Area: 
With the aerial structure she needs a ground space of 6 x 6 meters and a minimum height of 5 meters
Aerial acrobatics with silks, rope, hoop and hammock
Technical Requirements: 
She could arrive to the scene with the vehicle for loading and unloading materialism. She needs a changing room,a hoock-corrent (220v) near the show. It is required a sound system or the company can has its own. In the case of the evening hours in the dark, lighting shall be paid by the organization.
The show needs the certified aerial structure. So to assembly it, it is necessary a free ground space around 6x6 metres. If there is already the possibility to hang the tool on the site (after viewing the attachments) there will be no need for the structure and it is sufficient a free couple of square metres around the tool.